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Meditate On This!

Bert Reynolds

    Many of us watched with curiosity and amusement as the Broadway Bridge, rigged to implode, kept standing after the detonation. Despite all the preparation before the implosion attempt, the nearly 100-year-old bridge wasn't ready to fall. What's more, even after the main arches were finally coaxed over, more work lay ahead. The steel had to be removed from the river, smaller beams were set for demolition and removal, and the footings had to be dealt with. There is a tremendous amount of planning and work that must take place to demolish the old so that the new can be built.

    That bridge reminds me a lot of the battle people wage trying to move past the old life and live a new life in God. Sin doesn't go down easily. It doesn't go down quietly or quickly. The best laid plans to demolish our sin often go awry. Even when we take care of one thing, we see there are other parts of our life that we didn't know or remember were connected that are still propping it up. There are habits that set us up to struggle. There are people who enable bad decisions instead of encouraging good ones.

    Paul depicts the terrible turmoil of trying to overcome sin in Romans 7:14-25. On our own, it's not just difficult; it's impossible. It's discouraging. It's demoralizing. It's a wretched state. Who can bring deliverance, Paul asks? To this question he breaks out in praise. "Thanks be to God, who delivers us through Jesus Christ our Lord!" (7:25)
    Because of Jesus, we are not helpless in the face of sin anymore. Because of the power of sin, we will always still need the help of Jesus to keep us free. Keep working. Keep praying. Keep leaning on others. Keep trusting in Jesus. He will carry our lives to completion.

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