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Meditate on This!

I have always liked this quote from Ronald Rolheiser's book, The Holy Longing. "It is not that we have anything against God, depth, and spirit. We would like these. It is just that we are habitually too preoccupied to have many of these show up on our radar screens. We are (often) more busy than bad, more distracted than non-spiritual, and more interested in the movie theater, the sports stadium, and the shopping mall and the fantasy life they produce in us than we are in church. Pathological busyness, distraction, and restlessness are major blocks today with our spiritual lives." 
Jesus knew if he was going to be his best, offer his best, stay grounded in who he was supposed to be and what he was called to do, he would have to unplug every now and then. He needed to retreat, to get away for silence, solitude, prayer, and reflection. The challenge is greater when we carry the noise with us in our pockets and purses wherever we go, and the desperate need to unplug, to retreat, to disconnect is greater too.
So the spiritual discipline for the week is an invitation to unplug. Disconnect. Log off. Turn it off (Whatever "it" is for you). Paul encourages us in Romans 12 to "not be conformed any longer to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds." That's an amazing invitation, but if our minds are so distracted, our thoughts are so preoccupied, if we don't carve out some mental space by quieting the noise, we leave little room for thinking, much less transforming.
For more ideas for reflection questions to ask or action items to practice regarding unplugging, follow this link.